This Tiny Mesh Pouch Is Our Diaper Bag

Well almost but it’s a clever way to handle the mom > dad diaper bag handoff. 

As the owner of two kids stores it seems kind of weird to say this but we’ve never really used a proper diaper bag. We got a cool looking leather one but it was so heavy it just wasn’t worth it so it never got used. Niki got a leather bucket tote with a cross body strap that we used for a while but I didn’t love carrying it or unpacking and transferring everything to a different bag, only to find out every time that I had forgotten to transfer the thing I needed.

At some point Niki grabbed one of these nylon mesh zip bags from Baggu   and it turned into the perfect simple solution. The bag itself washes off easily and it’s just the right size for a couple of diapers, a zip lock of wipes, a few snacks, bib, utensils and a few other essentials.


9.5″x11″/$12 – Tigertree

Niki is absolutely in love with her Leather Backpack from Baggu. It’s a great size for the essentials and it’s still elegant and lightweight. The leather is just about the softest you’ll ever feel and wipes off easily when it comes in contact with messes. For lighter colors you might want to grab some leather cleaner to be on the safe side but we’ve been using one of these for a year or so now with no problems.


13″x8″x6″/$280 – Baggu

A great budget alternative would be this Zip Backpack from Baggu.  I realize we’re getting heavy on the Baggu here but they just make really great products for parents! You’ll notice the familiar shape from the last one but at a lower price and a bit larger. It’s the perfect size for all of your daily essentials and you can easily fit a change of clothes for the “accidental” run in with the fountain in the mall. It’s a sturdy 16 oz. cotton canvas and it’s recycled at that so you can feel good about it.  It also has an interior sleeve that fits a 13 inch MacBook so it makes the easy transition from parent life to work life. Best of all it’s machine washable, so when that pouch, of course the red one, you swore was closed opens up inside you can pop it in the wash and come out good as new.


10.5″x 15.5″x 6″/$48 – Tigertree

Personally I use a Kanken from Fjallraven. Kanken’s are super simple, super cool, super durable bags first donned by Swedish school kids in 1968. They are exactly the same design today with a front zipper that zips all the way around for easy loading, a front zipper pouch and adjustable straps. They’re made from Vinylon F, which is a moisture resistant fabric so spills won’t be an issue. I carry this bag into meetings and on playdates and don’t feel out of place in any setting.

BLACK_3efc9e8a-e6be-4673-9dc1-12fbf668ca0b_grande copy

15″x10.6″x 5.1″/$80 – Tigertree

I really never tire of the novelty of things that have pockets they pack into. This Patagonia Lightweight Travel Totepack is seriously amazing. It’s crazy light, washes off easily and easily folds up into it’s own pocket. You could actually store this bag inside of the aforementioned mesh bag. I can’t think of that every being a need, but if it was you would be all set. It’s got really easy access with the way the top opens like a tote so you won’t be digging through a dark cavern of plastic toys and open snacks for the hair band or whatever. I have the black one linked here because I felt like I needed to balance out the dude side of the list but I am actually planning on getting the purple/teal one for myself.


22L/$79 – Patagonia

The short answer is, the insert + any moisture repellant bag and you are all set.  Free yourself from that bulky all-over print bag and carry in style. Have diaper bag tricks of your own? Let us know in the comments!



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