Josh And Niki Quinn of Cub Shrub and Tigertree

Hey there, we’re Josh and Niki Quinn. We started our journey into this industry around 2004 with a small brand that was lucky enough to gain some notable stores right away. We made wallets, belt buckles, bags and other accessories out of a garage in Pasadena, California and sold them to accounts across the country. Ultimately the love for store design that constant immersion into some of the best boutiques in the country uncovered lead us to open our first shop, Tigertree, near Niki’s hometown in Columbus, OH. We are fortunate enough to have just passed the decade mark of running Tigertree.

Following the birth of our first child we put our experience to work creating a new shop called Cub Shrub. We aim to bring the same sensibilities, style and fun that we’ve spent the past 10+ years defining to a younger demographic. Only a year and a half after opening the first location of Cub Shrub, in the Short North Arts District of Columbus, OH we opened a second in the neighboring community of Grandview.

Growing this brand has been a real joy. We have gotten to meet so many amazing people in in the stores and across the industry. We hope to bring the sense of community and love that continues to inspire and motivate us, to this platform. You’ll see city guides with the kids in mind, recipes, interviews with folks in this and other industries and so much more.  There is a group of us you’ll hear from a lot and some of those amazing people we have met along the way will drop in from time to time as well.

Whether you have been to our physical stores, shopped online or are just here for the content we love that you made your way here. If you have a suggestion for a story, need help with something or just want to chat we’re always available by email and you can generally track us down at one of the shops.

-Josh Quinn, Co-Founder